Using social media as a voice in times of uncertainty.

In recent times, social media has the power to bring everyone together like never before. Consumers and users want to be kept up to date with fast-paced news and developments around them. Because of limited external access to this information they are utilising the digital and social realms for updates and news, and in the process, they are consuming content at a rapid pace. Audiences also want to be part of the conversation which impacts them or their communities, friends and families. Social media also provides users and brands the ability to share information to keep the conversation going, to be present with your audience in almost any situation.


Many people who usually leave the social media marketing and digital presence of their company to the marketing department, now themselves take the time to read blog articles (thanks for your time on this one b.t.w.), listen to podcasts, browse their feeds, check on topics which indulge in their personal and professional interests and subconsciously look for ideas for their next marketing campaigns, whether to reach people in better times to come, or to help their businesses recover from financial impact of disaster measurements.

Although silence is never an option, we realise that this is not a marketing opportunity to take advantage of or exploit, but to rather apply it wisely and with a layer of empathy in the time to come, and should preferably not be used as a self-promoting platform, but rather to show how you can be of service to your clients. Now is not the time for vanity metrics (likes, views, reactions etc.) but rather reach and engage with content that attracts consumers to share and take action on. It is most important to maintain sales and leads, whether for current or future reference, as sales are necessary to sustain business. It is therefore important to build a community and create deeper relationships with your customers and prove to them that you are present and prepared to help them dive into the conversation, helping them adapt and make appropriate preparations themselves.

Like many other aspects of our planning towards the future, it is probably best right now to reconsider marketing, social media and digital campaigns, especially existing content and goals. These might be better saved for the third or fourth terms or reworked to better adapt to the immediate and changing needs of consumers. A shift in objectives might mean focussing on customer support and loyalty, and how your brand can still be part of the conversation without being tone-deaf. It would be best to evaluate your offerings and take a shift from direct selling to reword your messaging for clarity and relevance, while being sensitive to the problems your audience is facing. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and define how your brand can solve a problem or satisfy a need directly.


Nobody wants to be ‘that guy’ when it comes to sharing from external sources (we recommend letting credible news sources take care of that one) so when it is needed for your brand to share any content related to your business or industry, it is best to stick with a limited number of dedicated primary sources. Every piece of content should be helpful and informative, no matter whether it is original or shared.

Let us help you be part of and grow the conversation with your customers. We provide a number of social and digital marketing solutions to reach your audience in times when the options to do so are limited. We formulate packages to suit your needs – send an email to