Today we find ourselves in a digital world… At home, at work, when we relax or when we are out with friends. It seems it’s so impossible lately to escape the notification icons that consume our attention these days. But it remains that the value we have online, be it brand value, social currency or just as an influencer, all stems from an offline place of thought in a lot of cases. That place where true creative thoughts are set free to form ideas from the knowledge that have been accumulated from the online world.

Well, no serious business or brand these days can afford to invest in the hope of success without investing in the power of online & digital marketing. Each business is unique, and each business has unique requirements and needs in order to reach their financial goals. This is done via marketing. And let’s face it, we have come a long way since the days of print media…

In the fast-paced world of digital consumers, the crucial link between business owners and potential customers is one priceless little attention hoarder…

Online Success

The Smartphone

People have the world at their fingertips. They talk with their eyes and reply with their fingertips. It’s not strange anymore that the average person expects to have the easiest and quickest ways of communicating available to them on their phones. Whether it be an app, mobile browser or social media platform, as long as it is on mobile. And for the business owner that is where the power of online marketing lies. Being able to offer potential customers an easy and effortless way of finding you, browsing your offerings, making contact and finally, having the option to purchase and pay for your offering. That’s it!

It might sound very simple, and in the greater picture, it is. But for the business owner, making sure all those options are in place and are done in a top quality manner with full features require more than just shooting a fish in the barrel.

Cue Black Barrel Digital!

This is where we come in. So we have narrowed your online marketing down to these 4 crucial steps:

• Online Footprint/Identity in order to be found
• Online Service/Product Offering
• Online Communication to make contact (website, email, social media)
• Online Selling/Payment Options

The Black Barrel Digital creative marketing team approach these areas with the best possible strategy, fully customised to each business in order to reach the correct audience.