Marketing Strategy

The most vital step in any process is the plan. We will start with an analysis of your company’s current standing with the use of listener tools, research and analytics. Budget is key when a strategy is devised, and we have the ability to yield maximum results regardless of budget constraints.Black Barrel Digital Services

Black Barrel Digital Services

Analytics will be applied to statistics for the duration of any and all campaigns to ensure that progress is being made on your online presence.

Along with our analytics, we will gather as much information as possible to conclude the best strategy. A client questionnaire will need to be completed to allow for an accurate strategy to be completed. Post to strategy compilation a proposal will be submitted for perusal. Compiled proposals outline the social media or digital marketing plan to yield maximum results for the duration of the relevant campaign..


Our team consists of multiple in-house graphic designers, designated to assist in the creation of any design needs our clients may require. From elaborate posters to devising your corporate identity, no design job is too small.

Black Barrel Digital Services

Why is design important? Your logo or overall identity is how consumers identify and potentially interact with your brand. Colours, shapes and more play a huge role. Ever wondered why Wimpy or KFC’s logo is red? The colour red is an appetite stimulant, the main idea behind the usage of red is that it grabs the attention of potential consumers, thus also having an association with speed. Red is also easy to see from far away, easier than other colours like blue that gets lost against the sky. Other brands also stuck to the usage of red, to name a few, Puma, YouTube, Netflix, Kellogg’s, Coca Cola and many more!

Content Creation

Our content creators pride themselves in not only the creation of visual content but also written content and assistance with content editing that are incorporated in websites, product information and corporate documentation.

Black Barrel Digital Services

Blog Articles

One of the most recently recognized benefits of blogging as a business is a blog’s ability to improve your website’s SEO.

Advantages of blogging include:
– Encourage engagement;
– Increase traffic to your website via inbound links; and
– Enforce your brand as an expert in a particular field.

Google has recently improved their algorithm to heavily focus on a website’s content and frequency of posts/updates. Therefore, if a blog is regularly updated and based on relevant topics to your business, it will increase your website’s SEO which will drive more page visits and ultimately sales.


It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is crucial. And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

Advantages of well structured, custom video content include:
– Higher quality branding possibilities;
– Improved SEO;
– Stronger consumer attention;
– Builds credibility; and
– Encourages social engagement.


The power of visual communication has reached an all-time high with the rise of digital and social marketing. As a result, professional photography has become an important element in the promotion of your product and/or service.

Advantages of photography include:
– Lends specificity;
– Adds legitimacy; and
– Significant ROI.

Execution & Implementation

As part of the devised strategy, your target audience has been selected and objectives have been identified. Now it is time to execute your plan. Pray and spray is a thing of the past, targeted marketing is key. We stay away from click bait and rather promote the posting of content that will add value to consumers and that will drive consumers to make contact with your brand or product. Upon execution we also look at which factors influence buying decisions, who it is that needs your product or service and which problems your brand can solve.

Black Barrel Digital Services

Without a good strategy to essentially execute, your brand will miss opportunities and competitors can get ahead of you. Our main focus is organic interaction and engagement with your brand. Recording and reporting are two important factors that form part of strategy execution, our campaign specialists will continue to evaluate platform successes and will adjust strategy components to ensure more bang for your buck.