About Black Barrel Digital

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About Black Barrel Digital

Growing your business through social media and digital content is our passion.

About Black Barrel Digital

The Black Barrel Digital marketing team does not bamboozle or bombard customers with elaborate unreachable digital or social media marketing strategies, but rather focus campaigns on existing consumer information readily available on social media platforms or analytics provided by Google.

We understand that the driving force behind any digital or social media marketing campaign is to not only increase Facebook likes or engagement but to also increase the conversion of potential consumers that reach the bottom of the sales funnel.

We design and implement strategies that turn consumer awareness to action in no time.

Budget is key when a strategy is devised, and we have the ability to yield maximum results regardless of budget constraints.  We stay away from click bait and rather promote the posting of content that will add value to consumers and that will drive consumers to make contact with your brand or product.

Our content creators pride themselves in not only the creation of visual content but also written content and assistance with content editing that are incorporated in websites, product information and corporate documentation. We will reach all audiences your company may require. From content creation, community management, photography, videography to in-depth brand sentiment analysis – we offer it all.