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Black Barrel provides a fully managed digital service giving access to all channels of mobile communication. Specialising in mobile media campaigns, Black Barrel provides customised solutions to suit the needs of individual clients and media agencies.

USSD Services

An old favourite of the South African market, USSD was popularised by airtime recharges and mobile banking. The bonus of this is there is little, if any user education involved when using the technology. USSD can be combined with instant rewards, unique on pack codes and weekly draws to create a truly engaging user experience.

One of the major benefits of USSD is the ability to engage with the consumer in real time creating a richer user experience as well as the ability to collect valuable information.

Dial *120*25225# and try it for yourself.

SMS Shortcodes

SMS Shortcodes are the old guard of television, radio and print promotions. Simple, cost effective and interactive; shortcodes allow you to provide instant feedback and rewards as well as engage further with consumers in their own time, with no risk of time outs.

As with USSD, shortcodes can also be combined with instant draws and unique codes to further enrich the user experience and collect valuable information.

SMS BLACK to 45969 to try it out.*

*SMS Cost R1.50

SMS Campaigns

SMS communication is an ideal, non intrusive means of communicating with, and marketing to your clients. Database management is critical for effective SMS marketing, and compliance with legislation is essential to protect the integrity of your brand. Black Barrel offers a full service solution, from SMS sending, to compliance, opt outs, database management and full reporting.

Instant Rewards

Gone are the days cutting an entry form out of a magazine and posting your entry knowing in all likelihood you will never hear anything back. Mobile has completely changed the way consumers engage with brands, and instant gratification and rewards play a huge role in customer satisfaction.

Airtime rewards are a huge hit amongst consumers and significantly increase response rates on campaigns. Instant rewards can also take the form of virtual vouchers with redemption tracked in store which significantly improves customer returns.

Mobile Sites

Black Barrel specialises in the development of microsites specific to mobile campaigns, and services extend as far as optimising your entire website to perform on the latest mobile devices.


The mobile communication industry is governed not only by the Consumer Protection Act, but also the Protection of Private Information bill (POPI), as well as the WASPA code of conduct. Black Barrel ensures that all campaigns are compliant with the above regulations, and takes the administrative responsibility out of your hands.

About Black Barrel

A New Media Creative Agency.

Although we describe Black Barrel as a ‘New Media’ agency, we are not strictly new media as defined above, but rather a technology enabler through skills, resources and partners, as well as a creative and strategic organisation focusing on media best practises to provide the best possible ROI for our clients.

Our clients include traditional media agencies who deal with large media campaigns and need a technology service provider and strategic partner to provide a complete marketing implementation for their own clients, as well as smaller companies whom we partner with directly to assist them in effectively entering the media environment so they can focus on their own core business – which most of the time has nothing to do with media.


Thank you for your interest in Black Barrel, we look forward to hearing from you.